Choosing a DJ

Some criteria when Choosing a DJ:

These days, it seems that anyone with two speakers can play music, but can they DJ? Often not! DJ'ing involves so much more than setting up 2 speakers and a laptop! It needs intuition, an ability to read the crowd, problem-solving skills, the ability to transition seamlessly through many different genres's and tempo's of music, and an almost sixth sense of what the crowd will respond to and enjoy.

Choosing a Dj choose Sounds Unique
  • How much experience do they have, can you check or read their testimonials?

  • Have you, or can you meet them face to face?

  • Are they a competent Wedding/Corporate DJ?

  • Did you get a formal quote outlining what services are offered?

  • Do they use professional equipment?

  • How diverse is their music collection?

  • Do they come recommended?

  • Price versus quality!

I am aware of all details of the function, from my own role, to other roles, and have a keen eye for detail, so will ensure candles are lit, fairy lights are on, and the lights are correctly dimmed, where others may overlook these finer details.

It is also important to remember that there is a huge difference between a Club DJ and a Wedding/Corporate DJ, DJ'ing at a wedding or a corporate event is a specialist form of DJ'ing, as is club DJ'ing, the two styles are not the same at all.

Appropriate and suitable lighting is set up, depending on the venue needs, in order to create a sophisticated ambiance during dinner and still allow a festive atmosphere for dancing later in the evening. All lighting is set up beforehand to ensure a smooth, effortless transition between the different phases of your wedding. Types of lighting used include a coloured LED, sound 2 lights, and Twin Moving LED. 

We have all attended weddings that are either made or broken by the music, choose to make your wedding not only memorable, but remembered! That is what over 15 years of experience gets you. Choose Sounds Unique!

DJ Sound Equipment and Lighting

Although most guests would never really notice the equipment being used, I use the following branded equipment:

  • Professional RCF Powered speakers

  • JB-Systems

  • Synq DMC

  • Pioneer

RCF Sounds Unique