Wedding at Pot & Kettle

Event Date: October 23, 2009

Ryan and Lisa Kendal

October 23, 2009

Hi Grant

I’m so sorry for the very late BIG THANK YOU!!!!! Life seems to have run away with us a bit, new home, baby on the way… big changes.

Anyway, Ryan and I had the most awesome night of our lives at our wedding… it was just perfect but the best part (besides the Hot bride of course LOL only playing… the FOOD) was the music. Geez you get the people moving… Even my Aunty Barbara who has not seen a dance floor in years was ‘grinding it up’ ha ha ha TILL THE END!!!!!! Really you made the night. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for staying till 1:30am.

The music was perfect and I loved that you allowed guests to ask for requests… that makes all the difference. The dance floor never got a break.. it was full all the time and that makes you an AWESOME DJ… thank-you thank-you thank-you

Friends are still talking about our wedding and how good the venue and the music was.

Keep well

Ryan and Lisa Kendal